How do you make a Statement with a piece?

Let us help you answer that question, but first a bit about me.

I am a passionate creator. I first began sewing at 6 years old and became serious when I was in high school after making the first item I ever sold, which was a stuffed pig. I'm now focused on creating full pieces that makes a statement. My passion grew to specialize in custom pieces that can be paired together to make fabulous outfits along with my accessories. In my older years, I grow weary of health specialist NOT considering alternative solutions that could support my mother's diabetes problems, which forced the amputation of her toes. I was determined to help her and gained a new skill that gave me the impetus to take a deeper dive into organic natural solutions that not only help her, my family and myself.

Now, I want to share all my solutions with you and your loves.

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Now to the juice, I'm just getting started so bare with me. My family diligently helps me while I dive into my creative processes. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my journey and view Etsy store for accessories and outfits. For Statement pieces let's talk about how you want to feel in your piece? Where are you going and what statement you want to make?

I really care that my solutions fits your identity & the environment you wish to wear it.

It could be a stand out Jacket, unique Pants, Pullovers, Cardigans, full glamorous outfit or even small accessories like Stashie to aid in your Dandy.

Feel free to look around and don't forget to come back as we'll be adding more.

Our mission is to help you unleash your confidence and embrace your soul's potential through our healing creations and solutions. Unlock your inner confidence with statement pieces, dandy accessories & outfits along with you unleashing your soul's potential with our holistic and all natural healing creations. Dive into your identity that not only uplifts and empowers you but also safeguards your journey to self-realization and prevention of toxic destruction of self & haters. Join us in embracing self growth and transformation, where you're encouraged to tap into your unique strengths and amplify your essence both with your presence and health. Immerse yourself in our soulful creations, fortified with protective elements to ensure your well-being. Celebrate the joy and fulfillment of being truly you, confident and radiant in every facet of life.